Knocking On Heavens Door: The Comic Strip is a family friendly web-comic written by stand up comedian Tommy Blaze and illustrated by Nate Fakes, a cartoonist for Mad Magazine and creator of the syndicated comic strip Break of Day. Dubbed KOHD by its growing fan-base, the strip follows the humorous and often poignant adventures of Spencer, a highly precocious but thoughtful 6-year-old boy, and his best friend who happens to be — for no reason ever explained — God. Comics are posted every Sunday through Friday at

KOHD is the unlikely brainchild of Tommy Blaze, a professional standup comedian who headlines venues nationwide. As a frequent guest on late night television shows, an actor in sitcoms and movies, Blaze has forged a career of laughter for over two decades.

Artist Nate Fakes answered Blaze’s Internet ad for an illustrator willing to lend his services gratis to a web-comic that featured God as a central character. “I thought he was nuts,” said Fakes “and that’s probably why I accepted.” Fakes began his career as an intern for the iconic publication Mad Magazine and after a short time was promoted to an often contributing artist and writer. He is responsible for Spencer’s Kewpie Doll appearance and distinctive vacant ovals for eyes.

Although Blaze and Fakes have produced hundreds of comics and a KOHD book, the two have never met face to face and continue to create the strip via telephone and the Internet.

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