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  1. dadraypa

    got this e-mail from Nate Fakes 9-4-14:

    “Nate Fakes, the artist behind Knocking on Heaven’s Door here.

    I am announcing a new blog that I have started that focuses on my home town of Dayton, Ohio. It’s called Drawing Around Dayton.”


    And on their SUPPORT KOHD page they say:
    “Tommy and I are trying to create new comics. We’re both busy with, well, life – and it’s been tough to find the time to devote to KOHD. It basically is a full-time job coming up with material every day, drawing, editing, etc.”

    That may have been there for a LONG LONG time, and may not really tell us anything about the present.

    I MISS ‘EM!

  2. Karen

    Why did you stop creating the strip? I miss it. There hasn’t been a new one since January. Please bring back Spencer and the “Big Guy”!

    • dadraypa


  3. dadraypa

    INTERESTING credit on the new DVD movie, “Dancer and the Dame”:

    Written by Tommy Blaze !

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