Great Power Great Responsibility

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  1. John

    The proof is the impossibility for every thing to be here without a creator, thus there must be a creator. Since there IS a creator, it seems reasonable to believe He would work to communicate with us, and thus scripture presents YHVH as THE MAN. and we are left to analyze the extent to which this is an accurate picture.

  2. Charlie Carroll
    Charlie Carroll

    The Bible does prove very clearly that God is real. The Old Testament is full of prophesies that have been fulfilled to the last detail. For instance, Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophesies from the Old Testament by His birth, life, and death.

  3. M J Heise
    M J Heise

    I LOVE KOHD. You are a true philosopher and it is obvious that God speaks to you. When are you going to put out a new book? I would love to gift another book to my sisters. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift of talent with us.

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