Young Socrates

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  1. dadraypa

    TRUE! I love a good pun. However, I am often reminded by others that the pun is the lowest form of humor……

  2. Vicky Blum
    Vicky Blum

    Personally, I think that it takes a good amount of intelligence to create a good pun. I don’t think it’s low at all…the detractors are just put out because they couldn’t understand it right away, LOL!

    I do love the characterization of God’s sense of humor. This entire strip is like a mirror of my own relationship with God. I feel that I can talk to Him informally, use the sense of humor that He gave me but be respectful and loving to Him at the same time.

    Mr Fakes and Mr Blaze, thank you for creating this comic. I just love it! God bless you.


    • dadraypa

      Yeah! High five!

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