Achy Breaky Heart Bonk

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  1. BonniePride

    Aw! That’s why I love working at a place where they play country all the time. 🙂

    • dadraypa

      What kind of place do you work at?

      We had been “discussing” with our chiropractor’s receptionist and others whether the “country” they were playing some days is really MUSIC, and had a good-natured difference of opinion.

      One day, with the permission of our chiropractor friend, I hacked into his office music system and played Homer and Jethro’s “I’ve got tears in my ears from lyin’ on my back in my bed while I cry over you…”

      It’s definitely backwoods/hillbilly stuff, and office personnel emerged to see what had gone wrong with their system.

      I actually had my iPod and transmitter hidden in my pocket, so I said, “Maybe they will play it again,” which of course I proceeded to do. What fun!

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