The Sacrifice

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  1. ChristCrusader

    “Be a good boy and do as your parents say and you’ll be alright”?
    Is that all it takes to be saved? Hmmm…

    Has the writer for Knocking on Heaven’s Door changed in the last few weeks?

  2. Mary

    How about, “That’s unnecessary. Jesus was THE SACRIFICE. Only belief in Him will get you to heaven.”

    • BonniePride

      I definitely agree that that would have been a much better response.

  3. Greg

    Umm, that’s works righteousness, and it will lead to you being not alright. That is the same heresy espoused by cults like Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, etc. It leads people to hell.

  4. Scott

    I’d like to hear Tommy Blaze’s reply to these very important and accurate comments…..what say you, Tommy?

  5. Jason D
    Jason D

    Perhaps, for Spencer, who, after all is only six years old, this is a starting place for him to learn about honouring his mom and dad as the people who are responsible for him and in that way he will be honouring God. This is the first commandment with a promise – honour your mom and dad and things will go well with you.

  6. Nicklas

    Spencer already has a relationship with God so God is not concerned about his salvation. Then why does He say that Spencer should “be a good boy and do as his parent says”?
    Because faith without works is dead (James 2,14-26). God is direct Spencer to where he should focus his energy.
    But it doesn’t seem like this comic is about salvation at all. It is more about sacrifices, what role they played and what role they have now.

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