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  1. Stephen K. Barber
    Stephen K. Barber

    This cartoon illustrates what is fundamentally wrong with America. It’s no mystery why America is being given over to a bunch of criminals who are now forcing us into global government. It’s the judgment of God on a nation whose “Christianity” has become a sick, devilish joke that is powerless to fight the onslaughts of Satan that are now overwhelming us spiritually. And why? Because the church is so comfortable being “in bed with the world”. This comic is a typical example of that. The great majority of “Christians” here believe that God somehow approves of what is clearly an idolatrous pagan festival. The name “Easter” is a modernized version of the ancient goddess of fertility (meaning fornication & whoredom) known as “Ishtar”; also known in scripture as “Diana”, “Ashteroth”, “Ashtaroth” and “Ashima”. She is also known as “Mother Nature” and “Mother Earth”, as well as “Mother of God” and “Queen of Heaven”. In ancient Egypt she was called “Isis”. In our day, she is most well known by the name she’s been given by the entity that brought her to us from ancient Babylon and Egypt: the Papacy which is better known as Roman Catholicism; that name being “Mother Mary” (which is NOT the Mary who was the mother of Jesus). This cartoon is really blasphemous because the author has the audacity to connect God with this foul satanic idol. I can tell you, based on the authority of scripture, God would NEVER approve of & encourage participation in such paganism. The apostle Paul told the Corinthian church that the things the heathen worship as idols are actually devils. How dare the author of this comic strip attempt to connect God to Satan! Shame on you! You need to repent and retract this particular comic, and then issue a public apology as evidence of your repentance. Easter has NOTHING to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Jesus died to save us FROM our sins, including the worship of pagan idols. Regardless of what Roman Catholicism and all other forms of counterfeit “Christianity” say, or how popular this false concept is with professing Christians, EASTER IS NOT THE CELEBRATION OF CHRIST’S RESURRECTION! Please cease from promoting this religious trash! And definitely stop promoting the “Easter Bunny” in a “Christian” context as you’ve attempted to do with this comic; especially portraying “God” dialoguing with a child and giving him the impression that those candy representations of “Peter Cottontail” (another symbol of fertility because rabbits reproduce so much!) are God’s “favorite”! Give me a break! Remember: you, like all of us, will stand before the REAL JESUS, the one presented in THE BIBLE, to give an account for the influence you have on others. And since you have an obvious desire to reach kids with your comics, I would remind you: Jesus said that whoever should “offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were dropped in the depths of the sea.” Take heed! This is serious! No, there’s nothing “so good” about this comic!

    • Nate Fakes

      Stephen –

      Glad you enjoyed! We’ll keep em’ comin’.

  2. dadraypa

    Points taken, Stephen! But don’t ignore the last three panels! Learning moments — like motorcycles — are everywhere!

    Ironically, I was just recently wondering when and why this section was changed from ‘comments’ to ‘YOUR REACTIONS’

  3. spectrum

    Wow. Let’s see. Again we have a person going over the top because of a comic strip. I dont believe Mr. Fakes or Mr. Blaze are claiming to be theologians, but I believe their hearts and minds are sincerely in the right place.
    Sir, I take offense to you calling for the end to Easter. Claiming that our Savior did not rise to save us from sin.
    See how I can interpret your meaning? I understand your frustration, but aim it at something that is truly frustrating. Theses are 2 guys trying to spread the Word while enjoying life and making people smile…… and they are succeeding.
    Good work fellas.

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