Over The Four Leaf Clover

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  1. Charles P. Tiedje
    Charles P. Tiedje

    This is REALLY bad theology, Tommy & Nate. A Sovereign God precludes “luck;” much of your work is enjoyable and positive, but this one is misleading and unfortunate. God bless you!

  2. Stacey

    Charles, what I’ve always heard about “luck” (and the making of your own) is that “luck” is the intersection of hard work and opportunity. You can work hard all your career to move up in your field. But if the opportunity is never there, what good will it do? Similarly, if the opportunity for advancement is there but you are not picked for it because you did not work hard, then what good is the opportunity? Luck is working hard while waiting for that opportunity.

    Great comic! Love, love, love it.

  3. dadraypa

    I think his Buddy is poking fun at what we hang our fortunes on, and at which morés we observe. GREAT STUFF, Fakes/Blaze!

    Maybe Spencer should dip all the neighborhood black cats in whitewash to preclude any bad luck if should they cross his path!

    • dadraypa

      Correction: “…..if they should cross his path.”

  4. Joanna

    When ‘luck’ precedes God’s authority, a person is playing with fire! My Bible says that ‘God orders the steps of His children’-not luck. Also, the root word of luck just happens to be Lucifer…

  5. Daniel

    From the online etymology dictionary:
    luck (n.) Look up luck at Dictionary.com
    late 15c. from early Middle Dutch luc, shortening of gheluc “happiness, good fortune,” of unknown origin. It has cognates in Dutch geluk, Middle High German g(e)lücke, German Glück “fortune, good luck.” Perhaps first borrowed in English as a gambling term. To be down on (one’s) luck is from 1832; to be in luck is from 1900; to push (one’s) luck is from 1911. Good luck as a salutation to one setting off to do something is from 1805. Expression better luck next time attested from 1802.
    No reference to Lucifer. Sorry.

  6. Mark

    There is no such thing as luck. God is in control of everything.

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