The Tower

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  1. colnunn

    Sorry but your portrayal of God seems to be one of some doddery old man. Read the Bible, take a look outside occasionally at the stars and meditate on just Who this God is. Stop your blasphemy.

    • Jim Addams
      Jim Addams

      Colnunn, you calling this blasphemy is blasphemy. Seriously….lighten up and live a little.

  2. Russ

    Yes! Repent immediately! Millions of people are coming to this web comic strip to find the true meaning of the Lord!…….. Lets not take ourselves so seriously. It is possible to enjoy life, laugh a little and please the Lord. Maybe we should just appreciate what this is. It is the lighter side of the Lord. Far from blasphemy, close to reality, dead-on funny. Thanks Mr. Blaze.

  3. dadraypa

    God created man in order to have fellowship (interaction) with him. A vital lesson I get from this great COMIC (no, it’s not sacred writ) is that He wants me to TALK to Him……., and to LISTEN.

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