Somebody To Love

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  1. PAH

    It’s quite usual for small children to be the first ones to understand our LORD. and also to accept HIM & HIS TEACHINGS. As a matter of fact, I accepted Him as my Savior & LORD when I was 5 or 6 yrs of age & HE HAS been with me all my life, gave me a Christian husband and 2 wonderful children, & now 7 grandchidren from Son & Daughter-in-law, & 4 from Daughter & her husband!

    • dadraypa

      Yes, He loves us infinitely and we really ARE blessed with people to love! (6 granddaughters here, age 2 thru 22).
      And the littlest ones don’t let us get by with anything — “Grandpa, why are you…..”

  2. Scott Ezell

    start sending my E-mails to

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