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  1. Jimmy

    Since when does God tell lies?

  2. Jim Addams
    Jim Addams

    Jimmy, I believe it’s sarcasm – not a lie. I think God would have a good sense of humor like KOHD depicts.

  3. Elizabeth

    what is called christ-mass which was invented by pagans; does not have anything to do with the birth of Christ, decorating trees, etc,,,

  4. TheJesusLizard

    I guess either the kid got mental illness, which is why he’s hearing voices, or God is a liar like the comic insinuates. Of course it’s not surprising when you consider the fact that the majority of the bible is a collection of lies all coming from ‘god’ — and god is simply an invention of over-active human imaginations. It was MAN who created God, not the other way around. Poor kid!

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