Holy Night

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  1. dadraypa

    Deservedly THE favorite Christmas Carol — I am moved every time!

    One stanza says that the Light of God’s love, pure and radiant, beams from His holy face at this dawn of Redeeming Grace — Finally, the long-awaited Savior from man’s original sin is here!

    Then try singing this verse:
    “John three-sixteen — John three-sixteen: —
    God so loved the world that He —
    gave His One and only Son —
    that who(so)ev-er believes in Him —
    should not perish but have —
    ev-er-last-ing life!”

    • dadraypa

      (sing this to tune of Silent Night)

  2. Jamie

    I’ve never seen this comic strip before, I love it! I also loved the John 3:16 sung to the tune of Silent Night from the first poster. That would be a great learning tool for small children to learn the verse.

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