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  1. Michael Minnesotan
    Michael Minnesotan

    So, are you saying that you don’t vote, or you don’t pray about who you should vote for? This is why our current leadership is pushing homosexuality and abortion. Christians should care about their own house, yes, but we should also be changing the world, as God instructs us to.

  2. Cyndi Smith
    Cyndi Smith

    I don’t think he’s saying that :). I think simply God cares about what’s going on with everyone individually. Like He cares about what’s going on with Spencer personally and then the president personally etc. But of course we should look to God on all our choices. And as we all know God established orderly government. But at the same time we can’t put our hope in any political leader(its easy to get wrapped up in it, I know) because God is in control no matter if the democrats win or not 😉

    • dadraypa

      You’re so right about NOT placing our hope in any political leader!

      I have been hoping to find the perfect ones to vote for — not a chance!
      Each one has turned out to be a fallible human at best, or an enemy of God, our civilization and our freedom at worst.

      We pray for them AND FOR OURSELVES to be Godly conscientious citizens, and God hears that, but we must also speak out TO our representatives, and by our vote.

      • Cyndi Smith
        Cyndi Smith

        Agreed! 🙂

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