Mystery Of Thanksgiving

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  1. dadraypa


  2. Tory

    Hey, I have really enjoyed your comic strip; clever, funny, cute and wholesome, but I have to say this one really bothers me. A basic tenet of theology is the omniscience of God; without that understanding, we can get off on some really crazy and damaging ideas.

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      KOHD is not a lesson in theology. It’s a comic strip meant to entertain by the use of humor.

  3. John Warmath
    John Warmath

    I think today’s comic is way off base. It may seem innocuous at first glance but it is important that your readers know that God is omnipotent and all-knowing. Please change this.

  4. ras

    Ya know its a comic strip, right? Chuckle chuckle?

  5. Jada

    Until today I have enjoyed Knocking on Heavens Door. Todays comic strip was not funny in the least but rather blasphemous. God is all knowing and to say else wise is humanising Him. Please get your heart right with God. I am praying for you to get right with God.

  6. Jim Addams
    Jim Addams

    I think it’s funny! Lighten up, people.

  7. Cyndi Smith
    Cyndi Smith

    I think he’s just saying that God is trying to communicate with Spencer that giving thanks has nothing to do with canned sauce so its funny that He says He doesn’t know everything (which He does & Blaze knows that) but people have made a traditional meal to go along with giving thanks in honor of the Indians helping the pilgrims survive & maybe they had cranberries to eat or something but it certainly didn’t come out of a can. So its just funny b/c God is like yea canned crannberry jelly is a far cry from what they originally had plus the food was a big deal it meant life or death to the pilgrims & the Indians helped them live by sharing how to grow their crops & so they feasted together in extreme humblness & joy & gratefulness. And we’re like here *shlop have some cranberries! 😀

  8. Billy Reb
    Billy Reb

    I concur with Cyndi Smith.

  9. Jessica Stirrat
    Jessica Stirrat

    I can see both sides of the arguement. Honestly it does bother me and I’m a bit disappointed by today’s strip but there are things we do as men and women that don’t make any sense, let’s face it! As a believer, I “get” what the strip is trying to say. But I could not, in good Christian conscience, recommend today’s strip to an unbeliever just cuz it was “funny…” Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We all have much to be thankful for!

  10. Tommy Blaze
    Tommy Blaze

    The God character in the comic strip is trying to make Spencer laugh and share his sense of irony by being sarcastic. In other words, He is making a joke. There really isn’t any more to it. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

  11. Happy Squid 123
    Happy Squid 123

    Why don’t you lighten up?!?!?! This is a comic strip not a theological debate. Sadly the reason a lot of people do not want want to become Christians is because they believe Christians never want to have any fun. And some of you are doing a brilliant job communicating that.

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