Birthday Cake

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  1. Gary Clements

    Do NOT appreciate the the silly/immature presentation of God in many of these strips….& I doubt that HE does either……

    • Bill from Loompa land...
      Bill from Loompa land...

      hmmm… Gary, God might actually be that way because he is the maker of humour.

    • Jim Addams
      Jim Addams

      Gary, don’t read them then. And God provided us humor – didn’t he? So why don’t you think he would enjoy these light-hearted, funny cartoons?

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Gary, I do understand your concern. And I recognize that in some of the strips God may come off as silly or immature. This is in large part because He is a six year old’s BFF and the little boy, Spencer, simply cannot rise to God’s level so He has chosen to occasionally bend down to Spencer’s so they can see eye to eye so to speak.

      I have given God some personality characteristics that are not particularly scriptual. For instance in KOHD, God enjoys playing games with Spencer and He is as fiercely competitive as Spencer is, never “letting” Spencer win because that would be an insult to their friendship. Likewise, God in KOHD has a sweet tooth. I don’t know why, He just does. God enjoys laughing with the boy and sharing a good joke. Sometimes they play softball together. I am unaware of a Bible verse where God play sports. I get that.

      As far as if God appreciates KOHD, I can honestly say “I don’t know.” I would be lying if I said God has communicated with me and told me KOHD has His stamp of approval. I’ve asked Him, but to date I can’t say He’s answered me. Then again, maybe I’m just not listening.

      This much, however, I am sure of. If God wanted to play catch with me, or asked if if I would share my ice cream with Him — I would. Or if I lived in Jesus’ time and He told me He had a hard day and asked if I knew any good jokes to brighten His mood, I would do my best. Because at the end of the day, KOHD is really about Love.

  2. Happy Squid 123
    Happy Squid 123

    ha ha totally know that* feeling!

    *cake 🙂

  3. Happy Squid 123
    Happy Squid 123

    *squid cake, of course

  4. Walt McLauren

    Duh, I just realized that God “Emmanuel” did have a birthday. I think He was probably born in the Spring along with the other sacrificial lambs. This ‘cold winter’s night’ tradition was invented for commercial purposes, wasn’t it? When and why are the questions with which we wrestle. Hypotheses abound. Is this too deep for a comic strip comment? Cute but theologically questionable. 🙂

  5. Walt McLauren

    By the way, Tommy Blaze, excellent reply to they naysayers. Especially the first paragraph. God did create us with the capability to create and enjoy humor. The thought crossed my mind that he also created Lucifer and gave Adam and Eve the capability to choose sin. Bummer? Not really. How else could he create the character of an overcomer? Nothing to overcome, no need for a Savior.

    • dadraypa

      I think God appreciates ANY and ALL sincere interaction with Him.

      When Jesus at age 12 lingered in Jerusalem to astound the temple scholars, His parents just assumed He was “hanging” with their traveling company of friends.

      Following that atypical episode, He submitted again to his earthly parents and very likely engaged in typical play with His childhood friends. As He matured physically and spiritually, He was loved by God and all who knew Him. (Luke 2:51, paraphrased).

      During His earthly ministry, He dialogued earnestly with every person who came to Him sincerely.

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