Boy Meets Girl

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  1. Laura

    I don’t understand the comic strip today (8/19/13)….pleeeeease explain it!

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Hi, Laura. Go back to the strip on August 4. The story starts there. Quick recap, Spencer is playing catch with his friend Hayden, when he accidentally breaks a neighbor’s window. At first he tries to lie about it, but then realizes there’s no way out except for the truth. Spencer’s Dad marches him over to the new neighbor’s house to “make it right”. Spencer is distracted from his confession/apology by a cute little girl.

  2. Gene McNeely
    Gene McNeely

    Spencer is going to meet a new friend and someone that needs a friend. At least, that is my guess.

  3. Jessica

    @ Laura, these strips doesn’t always stand alone. This is an ongoing part of a storyline that’s been going on for a little while now. You might wanna go back to the strip where Spencer was playing with Hayden (I think thats his name) and broke the window…follow it from there and it will make more sense.

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Thank you Gene and Jessica.

  4. edward

    where can i find the continued part of this strip?

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