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  1. Stu Marks

    God never wondered or wonders about ANYthing. Nothing ever occurs to God. God would not react to a child’s suggestions this way.

    On one hand you teach ethics and Godliness; on the other you degrade God.

    I get the humor. I get the sit-com environment. I get the straight man shifts.

    It just might be that God doesn’t belong in a comic strip. He’s above that. There are some things in this world that are holy. “Holy” and “sanctified” have meaning.

    God does possess irony and a sense of humor (Exodus; the plagues). And maybe those occasions in The Bible where he exhibits these qualities is all the humor we need to see in Him.

    Just a suggestion.

    At the outset of this project, I knew that I certainly wouldn’t have the where-with-all to produce gems regularly as a project like this requires. You have taken on a monster of a project here. Seems like lots of potential. Not sure if it’s really there. I’m not that smart.

    You have worked very hard on this, THAT I appreciate.

  2. Stu Marks

    I meant to tell you something else as a small supportive balance to my negatives. I have prayed for you several times. This world needs brave Christians like yourself who are willing to take the reigns and try to shift the World’s attention to ethics, morals and The Main Thing.

    Good old fashioned humor based on a thinking person’s view of average daily obstacles just doesn’t exist anymore. All of the Will Rogers and Red Skeltons are dead and long gone.

    We need efforts like KOHD. We need folks trying to reach out to The World for Right.

    I have a blog that harvests the daily news events; looking for good and decrying the evil. I know that I only have a handful of readers (I have never exceeded 100 views in a single day), and I need to give them more on a daily basis. But I have a full time job and can’t deliver.

    I don’t know what the answer is. But I keep plugging away.

    Keep plugging away. Maybe you’ll find your path. I sincerely applaud your effort. This is hard stuff, and you’re putting yourself out there in front of God and everybody. When I can afford it, I’ll support you financially in a small way.

  3. Jeffrey Niski
    Jeffrey Niski

    To Stu, i dont personally believe that the artist here is degrading in any way purposefully or by accident. When you talk to god in prayer and you vent and you ask for things and you pray for other people do you not believe that God doesnt know how you think or feel or wonder and explore or investigate. So when in this comic yes it is comical to have the Lord say hmm ill have to think on that, i feel that God in his almighty wisdom says similar things to me when i pray. I have prayed in many different ways, sometimes i am super specific about what i am asking for and so god gives me a super specific answer, yes or no, sometimes im vague or i leave it up to many interpretations and so god goes with his plan and says you know what i thought on what you had to say and your idea seems pretty sound but here are the parts that dont fit my perfect plan but on the brightside i have you covered with this pathway so just follow that and your golden. other times i just pray for his will because i have no idea what im asking for. but to say that God does not ponder is to say that God cant do all things and so far the only things i know god cant do is Lie, Steal, Murder, commit idolatry, lust, or adultery. he cant sin, and pondering is not sinning.

    im not writing this to attack you, but as a brother in christ i just wish to express how i view this comic strip.

    if you look back to other strips where Spencer asks for a living teddy bear and god explains how he could do it but wont, its similar to this strip in particular.

  4. Nicklas

    This comic focuses a lot on God as your friend. This is one of the biggest aspects of it. It would be impossible to make a 100% correct depicting of God.
    When we show an aspect of God there will always be faults. But because we have the picture we do, however, get a better understanding of the side that is portrayed.
    I don’t think God is degraded in this comic. I think we are shown a different side of him. The reaction here is how I would react to some kids telling me the same thing.
    I hope you guys enjoy this just half as much as I do 🙂 And if there happens to be a mistake just “spit out the stone and eat the grape”.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  5. Heather

    I love the comic and feel they have done a terrific job of making God out to be the loving, yet strict father that he is. They are putting out a great message and making us smile in the process. What a terrific idea, of a little boy with God as his best friend. He should be the best friend to us all. I think he craves that attention from us as I, and others do from him.

    Great job guys! I can’t wait for the book. Keep up the good work!

  6. Dan BAnks
    Dan BAnks

    Hi Stu. So you think GOD deals with us on HIS level. Good to know. I thought HE let us experience HIM in different ways at different times of life. Good to know a child is expected to relate to the parent on the parents level not the other way around.
    You don’t have kids do you?

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