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  1. Richard Baldwin
    Richard Baldwin

    Sorry to say, I find most of your cartoons to be immature and irreverent.
    This generation seems to be bent upon pulling God down to our level. God surely loves us, and Christ surely died for us. However, in the Holy Scriptures both Father and Son demand a reverence far above much that I see demonstrated by many Christians today. Lev 10:3;22:32. In Rev 1:17 John didn’t say, “Oh, hi ya Jesus!” even tho he had rested on His breast at the Last Supper. He fell at His feet, as we all shall do one day. Even though it is done in “humor”, I simply cannot conceive of God speaking to anyone (much less a child) as you frequently depict in your comic piece.

    • Jim Addams
      Jim Addams

      Richard, please don’t read it then. It’s just a fun, funny comic strip that I and many others enjoy. It’s okay if you find it immature or whatever, but you’re looking waaaaaay too into it.

      Keep up the great work, guys! Love KOHD.

  2. Kevin

    I agree with Jim. God has a sense of humor (he created me) and there is a lesson in all of these strips if you can suspend the “dour Christianity ” which does not encourage new believers or grow the Kingdom. God gave us a mouth to sing His praise, to smile and to laugh! He expects us to enjoy His creation and enjoy the great gift that is the life we have been given!

  3. Ol' Gui
    Ol' Gui

    I think the purpose of this ‘toon is to get us to consider our relationship with God. It isn’t meant to be a study in theology. Jesus used humor in order to make His point about things. He even used puns, ie. in Aramaic ( need to check on that spelling ) He made a pun about God being able to make sons out of stones.

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