Young Socrates

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  1. StaceyD

    Just read all of the comics today. So cute! I really love them. Especially the YOLO ones!

    • Nate Fakes

      Good deal, Stacey! Thank you and glad you enjoyed them!

  2. Dale

    As a Bible teacher of many years, I might caution you as to your approach when you are writing about God, he really exists and he really knows the thoughts and intents of the heart. the Bible says All the ways of a man [are] clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits. Prov 16:2 If YOU don’t have an relationship with Christ for yourself, maybe you should do that. He died for your sins and if you confess them to him he will receive you if not he will not.

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Thank you for reading, Dale.

  3. Jon

    Christian humor can be brilliant, when man and his foibles and foolishness are the target. But God seems to be the punchline in the comic above – after reading it the appropriate response would be, “Oh God, you’re so silly.”

    But He isn’t. He’s holy. And He’s so holy that in 2 Kings 2 we read about Him administering a severe punishment for kids indirectly making fun of Him. Some youth made fun of Elisha, and God sent a bear to maul 42 of them. God so loved us He sent his own Son, but sometimes we remember how loving He is, but forget how holy He is. If that punishment was warranted for an indirect mockery of Him, it gives us an idea of just how horrible the sin of disrespecting God is. And shows us how careful we should be about holding Him in reverence. I would encourage you to stay far away from jokes that make God seem silly.

  4. Tommy Blaze
    Tommy Blaze

    Jon, the point of this comic is to make fun of me, the writer. The two fictitious characters in the comic strip break the third wall and complain they need a better writer. The joke is on me.

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