Tough One

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  1. Puddleglum

    Duuude… wait… what? God’s contemplating giving the okie-dokie to our young man here violating one (or three) of his own 10 commandments… I’m getting a relativist argument whispering in my ear, “Surely his da couldn’t have know it was Double-Fudge Chocolate… that changes things somewhat.”, but I don’t think that would be the voice of The Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth and Heaven-on-Earth (Toll House Double-Fudge Chocolate Chip Heaven-on-Earth… Would Lewis have been so quick to deem these the Shadowlands with a plate of these in hand?) I’m having past discussions of 1 Cor 10:13 and James 1:3 and the like pop up unbidden in my head… Should I wait for tomorrow’s next exciting adventure before getting my metaphorical theological knickers in a twist? Oh and… I’ve ‘et my dinner. May I have a cookie?

    • Mister B
      Mister B

      I can see what Puddleglum’s getting at… just saying, @Fakes/Blaze, if this one is going to make proper sense, it kinda needs a follow-up tomorrow. I’m assuming that there’s more to this story than we realize.

      Anyway, I’m definitely enjoying the strip, and I look forward to seeing how this turns out!

  2. Puddleglum

    Seems He’s still thinking about it, or He’s too busy talking our young protagonist down off the roof. Ah well.

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