The Fun Has Just Begun

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  1. Crystal

    I have to say – this really REALLY made me smile today! 🙂

  2. LoveNevaFails


  3. Mister B
    Mister B

    I wonder how often God says that about me…

  4. Joe Langone
    Joe Langone

    Great sense of Humor with strong message without pushing the envelope

  5. Pistol Packing Santa

    I just discovered KOHD and I really like it. I will definitely be sharing it with my friends.

  6. Paul Z.
    Paul Z.

    Good idea! !

  7. Mija

    Stop, relax, say a prayer, ask for an open mind. Thank you Fakes/Blaze for the enlightenment. I needed it today….mija

  8. Don Maggard
    Don Maggard

    There are so few Americans that really know God I think this could be an Education for them. God exposer. GREAT !

  9. Gene Vineyard
    Gene Vineyard

    How insightful. Great message. Can relate.

  10. Faith Sentinel
    Faith Sentinel

    I love it, it hits home and funny.

  11. sleepyjean

    My brother just sent me this site and I really enjoy it. God is Good.

  12. Joe Tama

    This idea has been a long time coming!! God is more than ever needed in the world today!!

  13. Jeanne

    Yes, we NEED God in our lives, more today than ever before in my life. Only God can help us, our country, overcome the destruction that has befallen our nation. One nation, under God!

  14. JennO

    So cute! My 3 young daughters will appreciate this! We can each do Father’s work in special ways that do BLESS.

  15. Fini

    How great! Hopefully this will re-introduce some people to God, whom they had long pushed aside.

  16. lorraine endres
    lorraine endres

    I would like to get the emails/

  17. fairbro

    If you’re trying to appeal to most people, don’t use a confusing sample and put in “yolo” (what’s that mean?) and use high-falootin’ words like “carpe diem” (I consider myself very smart, but I don’t use words like that, and nobody but a snob does, or a government bureaucrat). I don’t relate to it, or understand it at all, why in the world would I want to give you money for it?

  18. darlene

    I certainly want to get to know him all i can, Get know know him on a spiritual level, a personal level, him as my shepard, i as his sheep. he knows all about me already.There’s soo much i need/ want to learn about this man we call God and his son Jesus Christ.

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