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  1. jeffrey

    so i totally just read romans 4: 6-8 where it talks about this. sooo on point with my readings 🙂

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Good deal, Jeffrey!

  2. Puddleglum

    Ok… this is obviously the looked for follow-up to the one last week that left me wondering. I’m not sure I get everything you’re trying to say… should this mollify my discomfort? If so, I’m afraid I’m not as astute at picking up on it. (though I appreciate the “what sin?” reminder… or was that soly what you were getting at Jeffery? Thanks.

  3. jeffrey

    The reminder of “what Sin?” was what i was getting at. I am extremely hard on my self. I judge my self on everything i do and i try to hold my self accountable to the point of self punishment (though i can never truly stick to the punishment for long). This includes feeling that i should have punishment from God for my sins because ive felt for so long that what ive done in my life cant and shouldnt be able to be wiped away with prayer. ive always been a stickler for the punishment should fit the crime.

    But here in this strip and in Romans 4: 6-8, it shows that God does not desire us to Punish ourselves for our misdeeds, instead to him, if we are truly repentant in our hearts and minds and we are true christians then our sins never truly happened.

    Thats a dificult concept for me because the earthly part of me says its a cop out, dont take hand outs, theres no way hes just gonna forgive you for something you have to keep asking for forgiveness for. This voice that says these things to me is the Devil. It is him driving a wedge between me and God but Gods voice interrupts and says you are my beloved, nothing in this world can make me love you any more or less, come to me my son and ask away for forgiveness i will not leave you, i will not look away from you because of your sin, to me you are clean as freshly laid snow.

    • dadraypa

      “a difficult concept” for sure! Of course, He does want to help us clean up our act and steer clear of temptation, especially in our weak areas.

      But God is so good and so loving! We have to take it by faith that our sins are blotted out — maybe the saying “fake it till you make it” applies to growing faith that He has cleared our rap sheet.

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