Something To Do

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  1. Jim

    Hmmm??? This is a repeat of the first strip.

    • Nate Fakes
      Nate Fakes

      Hey, Jim! Yes, this is a classic one. There are new strips on the way as we get into the summer.

      • Jim

        Fabulous! I love this strip. It’s the best thing I’ve seen in years. It has a very “Calvin and Hobbes” flavor, but deeper.

  2. gwen

    the “Calvin and Hobbes” flavor is what is the initial draw but the deeper message has the staying power to the strip…thanks!

  3. JoAnn Abbott
    JoAnn Abbott

    By this you can tell God is a father. When you tell a mother that there is nothing to do, we usually start listing things around the house that need to be picked up or cleaned in some way!

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