Father’s Day

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  1. Captdeep6

    It’s always a good thing to let your father know you love him. My dad is 87 years old. I always tell him I love him. We have a great relationship. None of us are promised tomorrow. If you haven’t told your dad that you love him, now’s a good time to do it. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Love them and tell them while you still can. LOVE YOU DAD!

    • dadraypa

      You are SO right! Thanks for the reminder.

      My dad would be about the same age, but he is in the presence of God now, so I am not sure technically how my appreciation is received up there! I am so grateful for his diligent work in caring for our whole family.

      My favorite lesson from him: “Deceit is even WORSE than a lie.” Also he was very gifted mechanically and passed his knowledge on to us.

      My own kids seem to have amnesia regarding the dumb mistakes I’ve made – – their cards and expressions of love only remember the positive times!

      God is so good to us!

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