But Then What Happens

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  1. Daniel Friesen
    Daniel Friesen

    This one must be teachers’ propaganda. I never ever, ever got bored with summer vacation, but I was always bored with school, at least until I got to university!

  2. Tommy Blaze
    Tommy Blaze

    All I hear for three months is how bored my two kids are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they’d rather be bored at home than bored at school.

  3. LoveNevaFails

    Pick your mother a flower and see what happens when you give it to her!
    Count to 10 in Italian!
    Teach the little girl named Valentino in Whole Foods how to say Love in Italian.
    Look at an onion under a magnifying glass, but don’t let me hear there’s nothing to do around here!


    Well… I love that one! 🙂

    • dadraypa

      Yes! ….other suggestions:
      Lie on your back on the lawn and find shapes and faces in the wispy clouds – try to find the same ones in one minute — watch birds soar on the thermal upflows — watch jet contrails…..

      We tell my kids and now our grand kids that the “b-word” is not allowed at our place.

      And another suggestion: do good deeds — SO fulfilling!

      Wonder whether
      will be repeated soon ???

      Thanks, KOHD, as always!

  4. dadraypa

    one more suggestion:
    Try to get your Gravatar back!

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