Reverse Psychology

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  1. GotGod?

    Temptation temptation right there! haha i wonder who will win? you just gotta love little Spencer and his mischievousness little ways 🙂

  2. Janet

    Great cartoon, but——–“Me and Dad are going to watch—–
    Never start a sentence with “me”. It should be “I” What kind of grammar are we teaching our kids!!!

    • Jeremy Barger
      Jeremy Barger

      Janet, the word “I” shouldn’t begin that sentence, either. The word “Your” should. Anyways, this is dialogue. Dialogue shouldn’t always be grammatically correct, because many people don’t use correct grammar, and it would be damn boring if all fictional characters did.

  3. Ol' Gui
    Ol' Gui

    Why is our nature to do the very thing we are told not to do? It must be in our DNA. Adam and Eve started the whole thing in the Garden. Spenser and I are just continuting an old family tradition.

    • dadraypa

      Yep! Only a few boring, predictable details are passed over between this and the next scene: And So It Goes….

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