Are Ya Ready For A Miracle

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  1. Ariel

    Awwww that is so sweet!

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Thank you, Ariel!

  2. Tommy Blaze
    Tommy Blaze

    We’re trying to do a blend of funny/sweet/poignant. You never know which one you’ll get on any given day. How are we doing so far? And do you like the mix, or would you rather see the strip have just one clear perspective?

    • Ol' Gui
      Ol' Gui

      Life is a mixed bag of adventures so why shouldn’t this strip reflect that? We laugh and we cry, we dance and we mourn.

      Not knowing what to expect just makes this strip a mini-adventure from day to day. I’m okay with how you’re doing this cartoon. I guess the monster never did munch Ruby or she is chewier than we thought.

  3. Amanda

    This is so true, at least for me. There has never been a single day that I have not smiled because of my son. Wild of a hurricane as he is (what 4yr old isn’t?) and depressing as a day as I can have, I still smile every day because of him being in my life.

  4. dadraypa

    Yes! It’s real and relevant! Thanks, guys.

    Do Spencer and Ruby have grandparents?

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      They will now! Thanks
      For the idea.

    • LoveNevaFails

      Great idea!! 🙂

  5. What Would Jesus Do High 5
    What Would Jesus Do High 5

    What Would Jesus Do High 5

  6. Sharon Jeanguenat
    Sharon Jeanguenat

    This is SOOO cute! And, absolutely true. Our kids, then grandkids, are the most wonderful blessings of all!

  7. Tommy Blaze
    Tommy Blaze

    Thanks for coming by, Sharon.

  8. Mister B
    Mister B

    I’m gone for a few days and KOHD takes off! 🙂

    I have to say, this is one of the best strips so far. It’s funny how little kids can tell if someone needs a cheering up- my four-year-old brother always seems to know when I need a good joke or a glass of lemonade.


    Keep on! your caricature helped me to reflect on my grandchild, who happens to visit me. Life will always have many hurdles and pain but there will be good things for those who love Him.

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