Achy Breaky Heart Bonk

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  1. vfiore
  2. LoveNevaFails

    All Things New “New Man”

    • dadraypa

      YES ! ! That’s THE MESSAGE !

  3. dadraypa

    We are RELUCTANT country music fans — the music and messages ARE poignant!

    On this Day of Prayer, we really appreciate and PRAY for all our families — home and extended, neighbors, nation, church, family of God…..including KOHD!

  4. Mister B
    Mister B

    I know how he feels… I’m pretty musical myself, and a good song really gets there in your head. My Dad (a great singer and trombonist) always reminds me that music has “spiritual power”, and to be careful what it’s used for. In this case it looks like Spencer’s dad got an important reminder out of it. I sing in my church choir, and I hope our singing helps people this way.

  5. dadraypa

    That lesson from your Dad is dynamite! Thanks !

    With due regard for your privacy, can you tell more about the circumstances of his warning?

    • Mister B
      Mister B

      Well, we’ve both been music lovers for a long time, but I think we had our big discussion on music last summer. A friend and co-worker of mine who’s in Drama Club invited us to see his group’s production of Les Miserables. For those who don’t know, Les Miserables is a spectacular music play, which deals with the amount of good and happiness brought about by one man who accepted God’s forgiveness. It helped that the Drama Club members were top-notch. We both loved it, and it made us talk for a while about the spiritual power that music can carry- after all, the play would have been a lot less moving if it hadn’t been sung.

      • dadraypa

        THANKS! Music is power for sure (good and bad)! And a preserver of sanity!

        We have been singing with a group from our church choir at a wonderful local Hospice House. We almost always see folks who are now otherwise non-responsive, lip-synching the established hymns with us.

  6. Nerbles

    This hits so close to home it is frightening 🙂

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