When You Put It That Way

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  1. Mary P Harrill
    Mary P Harrill

    Please stand up for decency and honor. Our country was established on principles of holding family relationships on a high order of these qualities. We need to encourage our people to set a higher standard for themselves, not deteriorate everything at the insistence of a few outspoken deviants.

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze


      • Ol' Gui
        Ol' Gui

        Yeah, me too, Huh?? I like the kid has tofu and soy milk and momma probably has him do some yoga after school along with some meditation. Putting coffee to sleep is a rare talent but no so much in Congress. My head is still trying to understand Harrill rebuke.

      • dadraypa

        Thanks again for making us THINK! Spencer is HOW OLD??!!

        Regarding non-sequitur comments, I am guessing they happen because the KOHD “comment and share” button shows up at the bottom of pages such as “Saving our Future” featuring many important “hot-button” articles.

  2. Patrick C.
    Patrick C.

    What is funny about this? Editors need to have a look at these. They are rarely funny, and almost always irreverent. If you don’t see it, have a look at Romans 12:1 and 2 and respond with a few possible applications of those verses. Please note that Paul is talking about not conforming _in the here-and-now_!! He isn’t talking about what happens in heaven, or some spiritual existence (thank you, Immanual Kant, for the dualism that so pervades modern Christianity!).

  3. Jim Addams
    Jim Addams

    Patrick….just stop reading. I, and many, really enjoy these. I think you’re looking WAaay to into it.

  4. RightPaparazzi

    Roh-oh Rorge. I certainly hope that The Voice has something to say about the snide attitude coming out of Spencer’s cookie trap regarding his teacher.

  5. babytree

    I don’t understand why people feel the need to post negative comments. A more effective method of showing your distaste for the strip would be to ignore it.

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