Sometimes The Answer Is No

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  1. June

    I love this one !!!

    Thanks for the early morning smile. 🙂

  2. Ol' Gui
    Ol' Gui

    Me and Bobby Mcgee wanted cars too but we were asking amiss.

    I’ve heard No so many times that I am finally starting to get the concept of asking according to His will and not mine.

  3. GotGod?

    OMG! KOHD you guys are amazing! this one made me laugh so hard! may God keep on using you guys to keep on proclaiming His word!! 😀

  4. GotGod?

    and thanks for reminding us that God always knows and has known everything we are about to say or do! =D

  5. Winston

    Great cartoon depicting the true nature of God’s omnipresence. He knows even our thoughts.

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