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  1. dadraypa

    Love seeing this one again, KOHD!

    I remember “helping” my 1-year-old granddaughter sweep the driveway.
    And another time my 2-year-old daughter and I fixed the door, etc.

    It would have infinitely more efficient to do it myself, but we enjoyed the joint efforts tremendously, and I think those were microscopic illustrations of pleasing our doting Father by working with Him.

    A totally different subject: what a GORGEOUS token HE gave us of His covenant never to flood mankind off the earth again, tho’ we have perverted almost every symbol !

  2. Jessica

    Oh I love this one! I thought I had seen it before and then read the other comment above…I love rainbows! Always have, shame that the world has perverted such a symbol of love from the Creator himself! On my sons birthday a few years ago, we were driving somewhere and saw a rainbow, brilliantly colored. He was in awe that God would send him a rainbow for his birthday! Faith of a child….

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