Pick Me

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  1. Got God?
    Got God?

    AWWWWWWW! that’s so ADORABLE! XD omg KOHD you guys are the best! God Bless you all 😀

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Thank you!

  2. Amanda

    So cute, and thought provoking, as always.

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      “Pick me!” Can you imagine if He said that to you? The thing is, He does everyday second of your life.

  3. Bonnie blue bell
    Bonnie blue bell

    J.Blase is “right on!” Lets strive so WE ALL “Pick Him!” Best action we can take !
    As the song from the play/musical A
    Chorus Line says: “you’ll never regret what u did for Love”… Just make sure it’s TRULLY LOVE !

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