More Than It Hurts You

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  1. Patricia Hamilton

    Children can’t understand parents punishments, until or sometimes even later, they have children of their own, or even grandchildren of their own.

    • dadraypa

      You are SOOOO right. Our kids, our 5 granddaughters (of all ages) and we are working on it. Even my MOM [a great-grandma] hasn’t learned it all yet.

      I still need help understanding Flying High, the kite strip at:


      • Tommy Blaze
        Tommy Blaze

        Hiya Dadraypa,

        One of the criticisms I get from folks in show biz is that a young boy and God couldn’t have a meaningful relationship because a child wouldn’t accept a friend that couldn’t actually do things with in the real world. I of course think this is nonsense. In “Flying High” Spencer is running with his kite trying to get it to take off and God is running right beside him with His kite trying to do the same thing. They’re flying kites together and having a ball. That’s it.

        • dadraypa

          Hey, thanks! Makes sense now. In scripture, men and God “walk together,” meaning all kinds of activities.

          An old song also comes to mind:
          “My God and I go in the field together;
          We walk and talk as good friends should and do;
          We clasp our hands, our voices ring with laughter;” etc.

          Lovin’ it and loving God! It gets better and better.
          Thanks, Nate and Tommy.

        • Ol' Gui
          Ol' Gui

          I had that whole kite thing all wrong. I thought God was working a miracle for Spenser just by having the kite in the air in the first place. That kite is set up wrong for flying. Thanks for setting the record straight.

  2. Mister B
    Mister B

    I know exactly how Spencer feels. It takes a lot of us a long time though…

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