Meet Me In The Middle

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  1. June

    cute 🙂

  2. LDR

    They are both right. There had been no rain until after the flood and so there was no rainbow. God had watered the earth with a mist that came out of the ground instead of rain from the sky. I have never seen a rainbow in a fog. I lived in the Sunset District of western San Francisco over 6 years and connot remember seeing a rainbow in the mist of the fog .

  3. LDR

    The new testament (Christians guide book) does not command Christians to kill. The Koran does. The new testament tells Christians to be subject to teir rulers. Terrorists are not

  4. dadraypa

    Hey, June & LDR: I don’t really look like my gravatar, either!

    Great stuff here with Spencer & Hayden!

    Just curious, LDR – what discussion does your second comment refer back to? I don’t get the connection.

  5. dadraypa

    Just checking my Gravatar — we all look “hacked” above!

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