Your Money Or Your Life

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  1. StuMarksez

    Either this is a two-parter, or you changed writers.

    • Tommy Blaze

      Hi, Stu. This is far more than a two-parter. It is in fact a story that began on Feb 18. Scroll back and read from the beginning. This story will end some time in March and I hope you an everyone else are pleased with the journey. Stay with us.

  2. dadraypa

    I’ve heard rich folks mention that managing their money is a very heavy burden — not sure whether that includes CHRISTIANS whom God has entrusted with wealth, because they can have the best financial Advisor available, if they will just listen.

    Like so many others little guys, though, I think I’d like to TRY the upper brackets. I would at least keep it in a safe place and not flaunt it!

    Oh, of course I know — I must honor Him with my stewardship of whatever resources AND ABILITIES I have now (Matt. 25:14 ff), which is far more than millions of people exist on, and I am actually grateful and content with that. I’m still eating every day… and plenty !

    Our attitude determines our joy or bitterness in His service. Thanks for using us, Lord!

  3. Donald Lowe
    Donald Lowe

    Your emails should have a way to unsubsreibe! I never subscribed and do not know how I got on your email list. PLEASE REMOVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS FOR YOUR LIST NOW AND THAT OF ANY OF YOUR ASSOCIATES.


    • Tommy Blaze

      Don, I am unaware of any emails from KOHD. I am so sorry for this and will do my best to get to the bottom of it.

  4. Ol' Gui
    Ol' Gui

    Mr. Blaze, I just discovered your cartoons today. I have started reading them from the beginning and I must say how much I appreciate the work and insight. Left a few comments along the way. Atta’ boy, nice work.

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