Lion And The Lamb

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  1. Ol' Gui
    Ol' Gui

    I taught my boys to walk away from a fight, if they follow you then run, if they caught you then you make them sorry they caught up with you. We wrestled a lot and I didn’t let them win easily. Now they let me win.

    • dadraypa

      Hey, Ol’ Gui! — Isn’t it great to participate in “passin’ the faith along,” as well as other fun stuff like teamwork, teasing, fixing things, sledding, getting along with siblings and other antagonists…..We are blessed!

      Now with granddaughters from 2 to 21, I get to participate in the challenges of questions such as Spencer’s Friend answers in the last panel above. That answer seems to apply to almost all squabbles everywhere. Can’t wait to see how HE explains it.

      For context, see
      and comments.

      Thanks, Fakes/Blaze!

      • Ol' Gui
        Ol' Gui

        ” They both are “. One can be a person of peace but there come times when one must resist evil in order to protect innocent life. I have found that when I am attacked on a personal level I tend to react badly, in the flesh as they say. When I am attacked for being a Believer I find that I can absorb the abuse because my Lord was attacked in the same way and He set my example, they are attacking Him in me.

        I can be His sheep but I will react as a Sheepdog when necessary. I try to keep close to the Good Shepherd so I don’t have to be sheepdogish.

  2. bill stott

    if you read the good book it is full of battles if you win you take what you want and keep it, conclousion dont loose the fight ever, god made man i his own image you can read what he did when man made him mad, to fight is the last resort,it is not always the truth or the best for every one ,but the winner rules and and the looser spends his time trying to get even,

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