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  1. Susan Smith
    Susan Smith

    Jesus never promised happiness in this life, He promised joy in the Spirit. Sorry, I don’t think watering down the Word of God is entertainment and it puts you on shaky ground. It shows desrespect and teaches others to do the same.

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Susan, I’m sorry you feel this way. Instead of thinking the word of God is being watered down, consider how one might explain some Biblical principles to a child so that he might understand. That is the point of this strip. Also, please note nowhere in this strip is there talk of a promise of happiness. Maybe you read into it?

    • Jim Addams
      Jim Addams

      Susan….you’re looking WAAAAAY too into it. It’s a funny comic. Just enjoy it!

    • Ol' Gui
      Ol' Gui

      J. Vernon McGee once said that he tried ” to put the cookies on the bottom shelf so the kiddies could reach them”. Look at this comic in that way and you’ll be able to enjoy them better. Jesus said come to me as a little child and this is what Spenser is doing.

    • Cancan

      Good Lord Lady…go to bed!!!!

  2. Sarah

    I agree with the Ol’ G. I have been touched by these comics and hope to share them with a friend struggling with trusting God and coming to him in child-like faith with life’s struggles.

  3. David Gardner
    David Gardner

    I love it! For me, it reaffirms that our faith is like a journey, over time we come to understand God’s plan for us. It doesn’t happen all at once. Some of us are still a little thick at times 😉

  4. Lisa Trowbridge
    Lisa Trowbridge

    Jesus told parables so people could understand. Same thing here. Love this and reposting. 🙂

  5. dadraypa

    I see your point, Susan. I guess it’s like the other commenters and like Spencer’s Buddy says in the last panel, “we can go with that FOR NOW,” but being blessed, being disappointed, and maturing will all happen in our lives.

    Now re: the nightlight (current comic), I can think of a WHOLE LOT of monsters! But He already knows what we are going to encounter.

    Dan Egli — did you have inside information?

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