A Moment Of Grace

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  1. Tracy

    This comic strip seems to lean on the side of judging. Isn’t this teaching our children to judge others, especially when God tells us we should never judge another persons heart. We do not know the intimates of another’s household. Just like the person in the van in front of me sporting a sticker with Bart Simpson pointing to his rear end which clearly is sending a message to “kiss it.” Should I automatically judge the parents for allowing such messages or trash TV in their home? Guess what, for a split second I did the first time I saw it. Then my seven year old saw it and commented on it and how that show is inappropriate and asked why they would have that on their car. Thankfully I had asked Gods forgiveness for my own judgmental and then was able to answer my son with a Godly heart.

    • Andrea

      I don’t think that this strip is judgmental. On the contrary, I think that if you follow this strip regularly you are seeing the world according to Spencer. The strip yesterday showed Spencer talking to the boy in question who said that Spencer was lucky to have parents that cared. I think the past few weeks have been teaching experiences for Spencer like you were able to have in the car with your son. Thank God that His grace is sufficient for all of us.

      I enjoy your strip KOHD and share it with all of me peeps.

  2. Jessica

    I have to agree with Andrea! Ou have to follow the strip back to at least whe this interaction with “the bully” began to understand the whole message. KOHD is an ongoing strip. Sometimes a particular days strip makes no sense till you figure out where the story line began. Love it!

    • Mister B
      Mister B

      I agree as well. Earlier in the strip, Spencer seems judgmental of the boy who took Alex… until he finds out what a rough life the boy actually has. It’s ultimately about the main character learning NOT to judge others. Plus, the events of the next strip seem to say something about what Spencer learned… although we might not find out for sure until this arc is finished. Anyway, I’m loving this story! Spencer’s really growing- something you don’t see in many comic characters.

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