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  1. Tommy Blaze

    Actually, I don’t think teachers are paid enough.

  2. StephenWHawkins

    Actually, I don’t think teachers are paid enough… to put up with disruptive students! 😉 I used to think that teachers were underpaid and underachievers… now they not only get a raise (even when they say they don’t, ’cause there are ‘step’ raises built in to their contract, they only contribute 10% towards benefits, and hey, where else can you find a job where those that pay you also pay for your pension??? (I can’t even pay for mine!!!) 48 mills goes to the school district, and over 80% goes to teachers and staff. (that’s almost like protection money to the mafia)

    Love the strip… keep on keeping on!


    • Tommy Blaze

      Thanks for reading Stephen! Stay with us.

  3. Jenni Carver
    Jenni Carver

    As a first grade teacher, I am quite offended by this comic. I actually read it twice, because I thought I’d misread it. I can’t believe that you would post such a thing!! And as far as Stephen Hawkins’ comment…I haven’t gotten a raise in YEARS!!! There has been a freeze on the “step ups” and we do not get a cost of living raise, we have lost our supplement-BTW wasn’t much, but it did help at Christmas. And we have been furloughed 6 days this year, 10 days last year. I have 23 six year olds in my class and it’s only Feb. My school district does not have the money to hire another teacher so we could have smaller (like 20) class sizes. And yes, I am underpaid, especially considering how much of my own money I spend on the students in my class!!

    BTW….I’m sure a teacher taught you how to read and write, among other things.

    • Tommy Blaze

      Jenni, I am so sorry you didn’t realize today’s strip is very pro-teacher and that the joke is on Spencer, a notorious underachiever.

  4. Lacie

    I’m not the kind of person to normally post a comment… But this time I decided to break my un-written rule.

    Obviously I can’t get inside the comic-artist’s head; but I took the meaning of this comic very differently than as offensive. When I read it I saw a sort of reality seeping through … A tell-tale of how we (as a society) are allowing are children to grow-up disrespectful and to believe that the world owes them something.

    The majority of adults in this country are very self-righteous and we are allowing our children to believe that the attitudes of disrespect they portray to adults are okay, because they should speak their minds. And unfortunately a lot of adults believe that they’re doing nothing wrong. All we have to do is turn on one ‘kid’s’ program on TV and we’ll find a variety of shows that are also teaching out children theses same attitudes.

    The last part of the comic is where I get the feeling that the artist is portraying the problem we are seeing in this generation of children we’re raising. “I,” (and notice the I is bold) “thought it was a well thought out argument.” This student isn’t thinking at all of how he may of hurt his teacher or even whether it was a nice thing to say; he’s learned that if its important and makes sense to him, he can say it because it’s ‘his truth’. Just the fact that he realized it was an argument is enough to convince me he doesn’t understand (and nor do a lot of children these days) that it’s not okay to argue with authority and be disrespectful. And the mention of tone in the last part of the comic, shows more about how this kid (and many today, including my own) show disrespect.

    All of us come by this attitude naturally; we’re all born with the natural, sinful desire to put ourselves first: to be self-righteous and self-seeking. But it’s our responsibility as parents to teach our children that this attitude is wrong. It starts with changing our own attitudes first…I believe children learn more by what they see than what they’re told is right or wrong. And this comic immediately reminded me that I need to check my own attitudes of respect because my kids are watching me.

    Teachers give a lot of themselves to their jobs. It’s not a job where you clock in, complete the assignments from your boss, and clock out. They put their hearts and souls into those children. They develop relationships with the kids, only to watch them walk away and have to start all over again the next year. It’s hard work and a lot of pressure. I have a lot of respect for anyone who chooses to work with children and decides to have an impact on the world. I get the feeling that this comic-artist does too. The comic to me doesn’t come across as him being on the side of the student… He did get punished at the end, by the way.

    Maybe I’m wrong; I can really only speak for myself. But this is what the comic meant to me. I hope that I’m not being rude or offensive. I should point out that not everyone in this world/country is teaching their children to behave in this way. But as a society, you can see that it is the attitude that’s being portrayed and widely accepted.

  5. anita

    One word: arrogance. todays kids are being raised in an arrogant, selfish society.

  6. Heidi Sanger
    Heidi Sanger

    I have quite a few teachers in my family. This comic is not coming against or disrespecting teachers. I have had the pleasure of teaching, and no matter what the teacher does to get through to the kids, it’s ultimately up to the kids to receive the teaching. Kids don’t get that they have as much responsibility to learn as the teachers do to teach. I believe this comic was just poking a little fun at the way kids see the world. They see things differently than we do. It doesn’t mean that what they say is always the way things are.

  7. Amanda

    First reaction ~ A laugh I desperately needed today.

    After browsing other comments ~ I still find this strip hilarious. I do understand how it could be offensive to teachers, as I know there are MARVELOUS teachers out there who are severely underpaid because they give so much more than just what’s listed on their job description.

    On the flip side, there are teachers who honestly don’t care. It is because of teachers like these that my mother pulled my sister out of school and started homeschooling.

    In either situation, Spencer would have been incorrect to say what he did in that way. As a mother, I would have been upset that he was disrespectful to an authority figure, regardless of whether it was a teacher, neighbor, or whatever.

  8. popi

    agree with lacie…well said…
    although I believe it wasnt meant to express those concerns…

  9. wolfshades

    Hi Tommy. Doug here.

    I have friends who are teachers, many of whom are sensitive to some of the completely throw-away comments often lobbed at their profession. So I *think* I’m fairly sensitive to any perceived slights against them.

    From my standpoint, this comic did NOT come anywhere near any slighting them. I saw it as a teaching moment for Spencer, nothing more. Additionally, you added the first comment which should have put any apprehensive shivering attempts to be offended at ease.

  10. Charles Prather
    Charles Prather

    I think you have to keep one thing in perspective. He is a kid. No kid feels he learns anything from adults. I don’t think the creators intention was to denifgrate teachers but to show the type of haughty attitude we as children poseses. Just a thought.

  11. Lawrence

    Oh my god, please quit being over sensitive. He didn’t say anything negative about teachers. It is a kids logic, with limited knowledge, trying to get a payoff for his “slackerness!”

  12. Tim Homayoon
    Tim Homayoon

    Great joke from a great writer. Some people are too sensitive to appreciate simple good humor.

  13. Gene McNeely
    Gene McNeely

    I forwarded this on Facebook. I have several friends that are teachers and I was happy to see that none of them responded. I did not take this cartoon as being a slam on teachers. I had the same thought when I was a kid. My dad was in the Air Force and I asked him the same question. Of course, I didn’t tell him that I thought that he wasn’t doing a good job. Keep the good work coming. I really enjoy your cartoons.

  14. Ralph

    I’ve been a teacher for fifteen years now, and I really enjoyed today’s strip. There were probably times when I had similar thoughts as a child. This comic always seems to remind me of my childhood. That’s one of the things I enjoy most when I read it. Teachers carry a heavy load and most really care a great deal about what they do. We get a lot of bad press. People focus on the worst members of our profession. It’s hard to give everything you have to something and then watch politicians, reporters, and just about everyone else speculate about why schools are performing so poorly. It’s easy to get very sensitive about one’s career.

    I like that so many people have commented on the strip today. It’s fun to read through how so many people read the same thing and felt so differently about it. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s strip. 🙂

  15. Sunshyne

    Who was it that something to the effect of “the sin isn’t in being different, it’s *staying* different”? Join us on the dark side, Jenni. Join us. 😀 Seriously, I disagreed with your interpretation of this comic, but wow. I disagree with people ganging up on others a bit more. Hope you aren’t turned off KOHD because of some silly misinterpretation.

  16. Sunny

    How much do you think teachers should be paid? Those of us who work have tough jobs too.

  17. Mark Hodges
    Mark Hodges

    Brilliant joke as always and great attention to how Kids think – a joke, humor, something to make you laugh and have a happy day – as Tim rightly said some people are too sensitive. Yes Teachers have a tough time we all know that – the strip is about a young kid who’s best friend is God (!) and on the realization that he pays taxes wants more ‘child’ VFM. Lighten up folks or we’ll all be debating this on Anderson 360!

  18. Annete Landry
    Annete Landry

    Old School like the cartoon because Teachers in my day taught us to be individual and to think as individuals not programming our mind with propaganda. I believe we still have great teachers who are being stifled politics have infiltrated our schools. Those who say they are not paid enough I’ll remind you of a bible verse a workman is worth his hire. It’s obvious if children can’t even read enough to fill out job applications someone is failing you tell me who?

  19. Yvonne

    Oh my goodness!!! People, lighten up!! All kids that age think they haven’t learned anything in school! When was the last time you asked a kid what they learned in school today? They usually say, “Nothing.” Then will tell you about who they played with at recess, or what they had for lunch. It’s a comic strip! And a very well written one, I may add. Kinda Calvin and Hobbs-esque. Love it!!

  20. Pamela

    I found it funny. I think it hits the times, unfortunately. We are raising a generation of children who think they are owed everything and at young ages make attempts to “make sense” and “fight for their rights” much like what is shown in the comic. To end the comic with a visit to the principal’s office gave me a glimmer of hope that the school administrators are still in charge and not allowing the students to rule or dictate. You added a personal comment that you believe teachers are underpaid and if anyone was offended after that, then I am sad for them. I looked at this comic from the perspective of different professions, including my own and if someone had said something like that to me regarding my profession, I’d still find it funny. If my child had said such a thing to his teacher I would only be smirking if he ended up outside the door of the principal’s office waiting his turn for a lecture on respect towards teachers. BUT I don’t really have to worry about that because I believe I have raised my child to have more respect than that, therefore, I can and do find this comic funny. Comics are supposed to be about taking the realities of life and making jokes out of them….”Laughter is the best medicine”. If something offends you or saddens you, find a way to laugh about it and watch your world change for the better (and your life, for that matter). Keep them coming!!

    • Tommy Blaze
      Tommy Blaze

      Thank you, Pamela for not only taking the time to write all of this, but to visit our site as well.

  21. dadraypa

    Just reviewed these heart-felt comments again – The “intensive care” most teachers have ALWAYS given their students comes through loud and clear! You folks are HEROES.

    I know many teachers (my wife is in education) and have had many of the OUTSTANDING people of our society as my own instructors.

    I SALUTE YOU for your “beyond the call” love of these kids, who increasingly lack proper basic training, outside of YOUR influence.

  22. Lewis Banks
    Lewis Banks

    Love it. Hey Sunny, since you work for a living could you answer a few questions? What time do you go in? As a private school teacher I am required to be in my classroom. in the hallway monitoring before 7:30, sometimes earlier. How often do you take work home with you because there was not enough time to finish it all during the day? For me it is usually almost every night of the week plus weekends. Do you get paid close to what your peers pull down? I don’t as private school compensation is usually 20% or greater less than the average for our fields and experience. Actually after 22 years I am making a third year teachers salary. Are you required to attend events outside your normal working hours? I am as well as work the gate/security/concessions/announce the game without any extra pay. Does every Tom, Dick and Harry come into your workplace telling you how to do your job because their little angel is a genius and you just don’t know how to teach a genius at your school? You would say but you only work 8 to 3. Nope I am in long before that and leave far later. Are you held responsible when someone does not do their job? I am if a student fails I catch the blame. Do you have to clean up the material exuding from small bodies? Elementary teachers do. Do you have to break-up fights? I have, between Football players. Oh but you get three months off. Nope I have continuing education to maintain my license and teachers begin their year on Aug 1. I could go on but in short you know nothing about the profession and I would thank you to do some checking before you mouth off. And before you think I have no knowledge of real work, I have in my life been a yard worker,mechanic, billing collector, salesman, a radio host/disc jockey, Youth Minister, martial arts instructor, and teacher as well as owning my own Christian supply business.

  23. Lewis Banks
    Lewis Banks

    And thanks Blaze-man for a great daily comic strip. Cannot wait to see where this goes.

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