Older Than Dirt

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  1. dadraypa

    Aren’t laptops kinda “five-minutes ago” yet? I have to admit, tho, that I still use a PC, a dumb phone, an iPod that just plays audio, and a Bible with paper pages! But surely I get points for enjoying Spencer and family online!

    Recently a waitress with a very strong voice boldly announced my age to the whole restaurant before singing “Happy Birthday”. It seems only a few months since I graduated high school, so I was ready with the figure, and informed her: “768! ….. Months!” You could see people everywhere going for their calculators! After about 10 minutes, a fine young Boy Scout came up and wished me “Happy 64th birthday, sir!”

    Oh, well, these are just numbers — years with which we are BLESSED by God. My mom recently broke 1024!

    • Ol' Gui
      Ol' Gui

      Wowwee. You must remember Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody.

      • dadraypa

        Who are THOSE guys??? Actually, I do have faint EARLY memories of their names! (and the birthday story was actually LAST year’s birthday…..)

        Clock keeps ticking … …. …

        Have a good one, Ol’ Gui!

  2. Tommy Blaze
    Tommy Blaze

    LOL! That’s a great story Dadraypa!!!

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