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  1. Brianna

    That would be a frightening thing if you spoke to God but couldn’t find Him or get an answer back. That would be extremely depressing.

    • dadraypa

      Totally agree! Sometimes we already know what we need to GO and do. Sometimes He shows Himself in people and events in surprising ways.

      I’m trying to wrap my mind and heart around the fact that we must stay attentive, trusting His timing and direction. Compare Job; the inter-Testamental 400 years of silence; periods of “no open vision” in the times of the judges of Israel

  2. myrna

    When you can’t find God, guess who left.

  3. Lou

    Sometimes we’re looking in the wrong places.

  4. John Hasse
    John Hasse

    It seems to me that if you called YHVH by His right name, (respecting Ex 23:13) and attempted to follow Torah, you would be much closer.

    • Michael Fernandez

      John, you have totally missed the boat. We are not saved by works of the Law but by grace. Further, God, being kinda on the smarter side, doesn’t need for us to use an ancient Hebrew form of His name to communicate with Him or His Son. Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus, Jesús, Iesus, it’s all the same to him. It’s no different than with me, for example. My birth name is Michael (Actually pronounced mich ay el), but I answer to Michael (Mikal), Miguel, Mich ay el, Michel, Mikayel depending on the language of the person addressing me. Many of my Spanish speaking friends call me Michele or simply Miguel, because Miguel is Michael in Spanish, and Michele is how they pronounce the English spelling.
      John, it’s not the external that counts with God but what’s in the heart. He knows His own and doesn’t really care if they call Him Yaweh, Jehovah, or simply Abba, Father.

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