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  1. PAH

    I enjoy these ‘funnies’ but it truly does show just ‘how the young think’

    • dadraypa

      What genius and what heroic effort goes into circumventing the prescribed way to get or accomplish things!

      Wouldn’t it actually be easier just to study? or work? (or whatever the legitimate method happens to be)

      (preaching to myself here too)

    • dadraypa

      easier, surer, and SAFER!

  2. Scott Ezell

    This ia a notice to start sending my E-mail to

  3. Jedi Master
    Jedi Master

    It is this same line of thought that has the GOP thinking about what might best benefit them to take more seats while totally disregarding…character, integrity, constitutionality, national security, economics, freedom, society as a whole.

    • dadraypa


  4. Jedi Master
    Jedi Master

    The silly font makes it look like I wrote GOD, but I wrote GOP (as in Republican)

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