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Did You Read The Label

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  1. BonniePride

    Hayden, I’m there with ya buddy (only I’m BP and OCD). :\ God will get you through it day by day, though!

    • dadraypa

      Right on, Bonnie!

  2. dadraypa

    That cracked me up at first, then I realized that’s my life!

    Most of my stuff is piled and/or stacked, but some things have to be just right – my currency (if any!) in the wallet is flat, no folded corners, all facing forward, right side up and grouped in ascending order.

    What is the meaning of the title? There’s a joke about drinking Red Bull and taking Valium….

  3. Ol' Gui
    Ol' Gui

    I just piles of stuff that I will organize when I get a round toit. I don’t have any toits so I put off the organizing. There are usually five or more pojects that are almost done but I just start another one. I start and read about three books and leaving them around the house. I get addicted to things easily so I have learned to pick them wisely. reading this cartoon is one of them.

    • dadraypa

      KOHD is a must — Agreed! Maybe if we males could learn to multi-task …..

      • Tommy Blaze
        Tommy Blaze

        Never gonna happen, Dadraypa.

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