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Kid Duty

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  1. Tommy Blaze
    Tommy Blaze

    My daughter, the real Ruby, has unimaginable curly hair. It’s a fight when I have to brush it.

  2. Ariel

    Oh my goodness this is sooooooo true!!!! I have 3 sisters and whenever my mom leaves the house we have to do each other’s hair because my dad is so afraid to do it 😀

  3. Meredith

    I remember when I was young and my mom had to have surgery- my dad sent me across the street to my friend’s house so her mom could fix my hair before school! 🙂

  4. Amanda

    I can attest to this, trying to have anyone else brush my own hair as a kid. Not curly per-se, but SOOOOOOOOOOOO thick and fly away. A friend recommended “argan oil” to help smooth it out and be more manageable and it works great! Found it at Walmart the other day for about $5, brand is Organix. Highly recommend trying it.

  5. Sunshyne

    Is there not a way to subscribe to these via email? Trying to avoid fb, but I forget to come otherwise!

    I dread girl hair, too! Actually dreads sound like a good idea. It already gets matted in the back in like 2 seconds anyway. 😀

  6. Danny

    Hey Sunshine- I get the KOHD comic in my email everyday through “savingourfuture” DOT com. It’s really the only reason I haven’t unsubscribed from their newsletter. Hope that helps.

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